GoPro El Grande (38in Extension Pole)


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Експресна доставка в цялата страна


El Grande is an aluminum extension pole that takes your GoPro to new heights—literally. Its extra extension (up to 38in/97cm) allows you to capture new perspectives and gets you closer to the action. Plus, it’s collapsible down to 15in (38cm) and is compact enough for any on-the-go adventure.
Extends to 38in (97cm) to get you closer to the action and collapses to 15in (38cm) for on-the-go use.
Integrated ball-and-socket design at end of pole allows you to make adjustments or swivel your GoPro 360° without stopping to un-mount your camera.
Premium oversized grip allows you to comfortably hold El Grande with two hands.
Twist-lock design for quick and easy use.
Durable and waterproof.
WARNING: Use caution when using GoPro mounts and cameras as part of your active lifestyle.

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